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Thank you for visiting my website. 


As you may know, I'm the author of (so far!) four novels. I'm not sure that they fit into any particular genre apart from 'book club' but they all feature wildlife and tend to be described as original and uplifting. I have done my best to write what is true, what is lovely, what is important and what is fun...

and I've sneakily managed to put in some of my favourite things, like harps and penguins!


ELLIE AND THE HARP MAKER, my debut novel, is a quirky love story set in the Exmoor countryside. It includes some very eccentric characters: Dan (who obsessively makes harps and sandwiches), Ellie (who is so keen to see the good in people she doesn't notice what's under her own nose) and a heroic pheasant named Phineas. It was inspired by my love of music and nature. Although my second book has made a bigger splash, this one remains very close to my heart.

AWAY WITH THE PENGUINS (USA Title = HOW THE PENGUINS SAVED VERONICA) is about a feisty eighty-five year old millionairess and her adventures in Antarctica! It was inspired by the go-for-it attitude of some of the older people I know and my concerns for the environment, not to mention the incredible resilience and cheerfulness of penguins. AWAY WITH THE PENGUINS was selected for both BBC Radio 2's Book Club and Richard & Judy's Book Club. It is a number one bestseller in ebook and in audiobook. 

CALL OF THE PENGUINS takes Veronica on a further globe-trotting adventure where, in the company of her favourite TV presenter and a little girl who is recovering from cancer, she meets thousands more penguins. Meanwhile her grandson is digging into a family mystery which brings several shocks and surprises.

LIFE AND OTTER MIRACLES Clever, nosey Phoebe Featherstone is unable to get out much but she has a talent for deducing other people's secrets by examining the parcels delivered by her courier father. The discovery of an abandoned baby otter leads to further revelations, and she soon realises something is amiss at the local otter sanctuary. She will need to overcome her own closely-guarded issues and use all her sleuthing skills to save the otters. 

My novels are available in hardback, paperback, audio and ebook. They have so far been published in 20 languages. For more information, check out the 'books' page.

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Here are some of the editions of my penguin novels from around the world.

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